Troop 19


All scouts and scouters need to be registered with the BSA and have their dues paid. If you have not gotten a paper application, you can download one from the link on the right. The annual fee include two parts, the registration fee and the troop dues.

The registration fee goes to the BSA organization to provide the program, support, and insurance costs. One registration fee covers you in multiple units, so if you are a parent already registered in another troop or pack, you need only to fill out a new application for Troop 19 without incurring another registration fee. If a youth was registered in another troop or is crossing over from Cub Scouts, the same thing applies. The registration fee is also pro-rated throughout the year.

The troop dues go directly to our troop to cover the costs class B shirts, neckerchiefs, rank advancement badges, merit badges, and other startup and advancement/recognition costs. This amount is NOT pro-rated.


Be sure to sign up on Scoutbook and send an invite for your scout to do so also, so that you can both receive information that goes out to the troop.

Medical Forms

All scouts need to complete these:

Parts A & B only  (no physical exam required) for weekend camping. (Once they go for more than three days, like summer camp, they will also need part C.) Adults who camp should also fill one of these out so we have it on file in case of emergency. Include a photocopy of an insurance card with the medical forms. Please provide these to the Health Safety Officer.


Camping Gear

Troop 19 has been very fortunate in obtaining new camping gear, so the girls will not need a lot to start: a sleeping bag, a flashlight or headlamp, some decent hiking shoes or boots, and a mess kit. A bag to put their things in that isn't a trash bag is preferably. Optional things that are nice to have are a camp chair, a sleeping pad, a rain poncho, a mug for hot cocoa. Many of the scouts also enjoy hammock camping. If your daughter wishes to this, she will need her own gear (hammock, straps, bug net, rainfly/tarp).

If someone needs any of these items, please ask as we have some donated and hand-me-down items in the shed. Ask the youth or adult Quartermaster.

One thing we may need help with is transporting gear. Those of you with trucks be warned we may ask 😉

Scout Books

All the girls will need a scout handbook to track their advancement requirements. If they do not have one when they join, they will be given one. PUT YOUR NAME IN THE BOOK AND ON THE BOOK IN A VISIBLE PLACE. Also, a book cover is priceless as these books tend to see some rough adventures. Our Advancement Chair will occasionally collect books to update our online advancement tracking system,


The Council's Trading Post at Camp Ware has all the Class A components for sale and will help you purchase them, or you can buy them online at The troop will provide your neckerchief and one Class B shirt. Occasionally we put out Class B order forms for those who want additional t-shirts or other apparel.

Like the gear, we have some hand-me-down uniforms on hand, so check with our Uniform Chair first if you'd like. If buying the uniform causes hardship, please let someone know. A uniform should never prevent a youth from scouting opportunities.

Adult Help

While the troop is youth-led and we try to step back as much as possible, there are many adult-led efforts behind the scenes that we can always use help with. Most help can be divided between direct-youth-contact volunteers (like Assistant Scoutmaster and other youth mentors) and administrative volunteers (mostly done via the Committee). There are so many ways to help that there is definitely something that can fit your skills, interests, and time. And every small bit helps and is appreciated. Please think about how you think you can be part of our Troop. 

To register with the BSA, you need to fill out a form, pay the yearly fees, take the online Youth Protection Training (YPT), and submit clearances. If you simply want to camp and help out sometimes, please complete the YPT online. Being aware of the youth safety expectations in the BSA helps protect ALL of our kids.